I'm a senior developer working on Apps, Augmented Reality and Web Technologies :)

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I believe in technologies such as HTML5 and Unity

Professionally these technologies enable awesomeness for the programmers using them and in my opinion improve the world while they do it, whats not to like! :)

This is my face

I'm a 30 something married guy from Finland, thanks for visiting my corner of the Internet, I hope you enjoy your stay! :)

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Apps & things on the Internet

I believe in apps and doing smart things with our mobile devices, there's a lot of potential there that we are exploring @ RealityXpander :)

Solid Design

Real Teamwork

Focused Iteration

Software Development and Me

Design, teamwork and iteration - when executed properly - can spawn outstanding products and I specialize in these three things as a developer. Continuous integration, test driven development with proper preproduction and ultra focused, limited iteration create awesome results.

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